A mentor makes all the difference

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder without any such gift from the fairies, he needs the companionship of at least one adult, who can share it rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.” – Rachel Carson


Any good relationship demands happiness for all involved!

Education is an outcome of a very intimate relationship between the teacher and a child weaved over multiple years. Since the child spends most of his/her waking hours at a school this relationship plays a very important role in grooming a child into an individual. Teaching in its absolute terms defines the teacher as the giver and the student as the receiver. A one-dimensional relationship like this puts the teacher in control and can make the teaching process a mechanical chore for the teacher and uneventful learning process for the child, especially in a world where the technological advances are driving in a big generation gap.

A Montessori classroom breaks away from this traditional way of imparting education.

The nature of the Montessori classroom and the Montessori learning process requires the teacher to thoughtfully prepare the environment to meet the developmentally appropriate needs of the children. Within this environment the child exercises movement and freedom of choice to pick the appropriate activity deemed as ‘work’ and engages in the process of self learning experientially. The teacher carefully observes and understands the needs of every child in the classroom and intervenes to engage, nudge or lead the child by demonstrating, modeling, guiding or introducing new materials so that the children may continue to be engaged in the mastery of their work. Every child is observed individually and allowed to work at their own pace supporting differential education.

“…the tiny child’s absorbent mind finds all its nutriment in its surroundings.  Here it has to locate itself, and build itself up from what it takes in.” – Maria Montessori

In our classroom at ‘Sweven’ the teacher is in control of the environment and not the child and expects to be showered with many magical moments as young minds beam with pride “I learned it myself!” filling the teacher’s heart with exhilaration and gratification.

As the children will progress through the complexity of the challenges the teachers will offer encouragement, share their triumphs, and steer them to greater understanding. The teacher’s behaviour will model values such as empathy, compassion, acceptance of individual differences and will promote collaboration, cooperation and higher order thinking.

This two-way relationship of happiness can be more described as of mentor and a mentee and lays the foundation for the eternal love for learning the child and the teacher will experience at ‘Sweven’.

In the spirit of inquiry and the dynamic nature of the multi-dimensional Montessori classroom, the curriculum in many cases is expected to take unexpected turns requiring the teacher to be multidisciplinary with presence of mind to be able to direct the child in the right direction.

At ‘Sweven’ our teachers are highly motivated mentors with multidisciplinary abilities and passion to make a difference and never let the curiosity die.

Our belief is “No question should go unanswered and if possible experienced”!



You can reach us at 70455 45090

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